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Photo: Jonathan Hillyer

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Out for a walk?

We are OPEN. 10am-4pm. 

You can also pre-order breads, pastries & cookies online through our site & pick them up at the Shelburne Farms Welcome Center.


And as always, find our breads & cookies in 

Quality Ingredients.
Sourdough Breads.

We use certified organic flour in all our products. Making our organic bread before organic certification existed. Chuck and Carla have been hand crafting organic bread in Vermont since 1973. Today, with the help of the next generation and our small team of skilled bakers, we continue with the mission:

to create high quality breads with the finest ingredients for our local community.

Family Owned.


O Bread Bakery has been family-owned and operated since 1977, making artisan, European-style sourdough breads with organic ingredients, from our hearth oven bakery on the grounds of Shelburne Farms.


Using the traditional methods of slow fermentation (sourdough) and hand craftsmanship, O Bread Bakery produces loaves of complex and satisfying character that you'll be happy to bring to your table.


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