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We hope you enjoy our delicious, handmade breads!

How long does it stay so delicious?

In general, since our breads are made with natural levains, or pre-ferments, they stay fresh much longer than standard, speed-process factory loaves.


Under good conditions the breads will last for about a week at room temperature. For bread that you will eat the same day or the next, just leave the loaf on the cutting board with the cut end down. Or keep it wrapped in a paper bag or cover loosely (not sealed) with a plastic bag. For longer storage, freezing is an excellent option. Just wrap the loaf well in a plastic bag and freeze it. When you remove it, let it sit in the bag until signs of water droplets all disappear. In any case (whether it's been frozen or not), a loaf can be restored to virtual same-day freshness by reheating in the oven, though this is usually good only once. Then there's the old reliable, the toaster, which is always a favorite at our house. 

Refrigeration, though it does delay mold-spoilage in summer, is less preferable than freezing, since refrigerator temperatures serve to further the process of starch retrogradation that we call “staling.”

Special Breads

We have seasonally available breads: Brioche, Panettone, Chocolate Cherry Bread and Fig Anise Bread. Specialty breads are available at the bakery, at the Shelburne Farmers Market, and seasonally at the Shelburne Farms Welcome Center.

Allergy Notice

We are not a nut free facility.

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