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When you think of croissant you immediately think of the fabulous layers of buttery, flakey dough. Popular opinion assigns the origin of croissants to events in Vienna during the late 1600’s. The city was under siege from the Ottoman Turks, who were attempting to tunnel beneath the city’s fortifications.


The bakers, who were at work during the night, heard their approach and sounded an alert, thereby saving the city. To commemorate the events, including the bestowal of honors from the emperor, they created a small roll in the shape of a crescent moon.


Others suggest that the name derives from the French verb s’accroitre, meaning to grow, augment, intensify — which is the effect the baker creates by repeated folding and layering of the butter and dough.


In any event croissants are one in a number of products which we term “Viennoiserie.” Part-pastry, part bread, these delicious creations are mildly sweet, and enriched with butter and (sometimes) eggs. Croissant, pain au chocolat, Danish, brioche, panettone. Satisfying & delicious.

Availability: Year round at the bakery, seasonally at the Shelburne Farmers’ Market & the Stowe Farmers' Market

Allergy Notice

We are not a nut free facility

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